PRAGUE 6.10.2001
from  judge, Mr. Derek Hyde (Australia)

"Firstly I must say what a pleasure it was to judge your dogs. It’s a shame that we had the weather that we did, but I expect the dogs were happy with it. I do not intend to go into any detail on each dog as your process of judging provides individual assessment. In Australia this is not the case - we assess the dogs in our mind and then place them. In this way we judge quite a large number of dogs in one day, the maximum allowed is 225 per day and frequently this is the case. Enough of that - back to the dogs.

The Wires
My first impression of the wires was extremely good and that was maintained throughout the breed. The heads were of a high standard and the proportions - neck to back to height were also very good. There were many good examples of “dog behind the tail”; this is something we do not see enough of in all terriers, worldwide. On a cautionary note, I would suggest that it would be wise to watch out for size. Too easily this can become a problem and whilst “on the day” size is only one of many considerations for the judge, it should not be allowed to become established in a breed. Remember that, whilst our dogs are show dogs, they are supposed to be able to go to ground after a fox – That should impose a restriction on height as well the bulk of the dog.

You must be complimented on your coat preparation. When you consider the amount of work needed to prepare a dogs it is an honour to be presented with so many well prepared dogs.

The Smooths
The Smooths did not have the same consistency of type that I observed in the Wires, although there were those of extremely good type. Again what impressed me was the quality of heads and proportions coupled with that dog behind the tail.

I was very pleased with my winners and the best of breed winner was of very good type and looked the part.

The decision for Best Fox Terrier was a very close one; both dogs are of very high standard. The decision could easily have gone either way but in the end I made the award to the Wire.

Thank you again and I wish you all the best of luck in the future."

Derek Hyde